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Emmanuel V. Meimaris: Trusted legal counsel

Emmanuel V. Meimaris, J.D., is a Boston-area attorney who has built a solid reputation over the years for his integrity, work ethic and trust. His desire to help people is why he chose to follow the legal profession. He gets great satisfaction from attaining successful results for his clients. He listens carefully and understands the unique needs of people because he knows that everyone’s case is different. He works closely with clients to devise a custom strategy to achieve their objectives. Nothing is taken for granted. Hard work and preparation is the key to success. Attorney Meimaris is accessible and quick to respond to your needs. He provides quality, professional and personalized service.

Attorney Meimaris’ desire to help people is one reason he decided to follow a legal career and make immigration law one of his specialties. “People need to create a strategy and to plan the correct steps to take to obtain a visa or legal permanent residency,” noted Attorney Meimaris who also is fluent Greek and Russian.  “USCIS places foreigners wanting to immigrate to this country into either family – or employment-based categories.  In the family category, for example, the priority system depends upon the applicant’s degree of relationship to his/her citizen relative, with husband or wife being at the top of the list and brother/sister at the bottom.  In the best case scenario, the wait for a “green card” can take a few months, while in other cases, the wait could be several years.”

In addition, Attorney Meimaris works with clients who want to become U.S. citizens. “Not only do I complete and file all applications, but I also prepare my clients for their USCIS interviews and accompany them on their interview day,” said Attorney Meimaris. “I get great satisfaction from my clients’ successes.”

Other visa categories include employment, financial investment by foreign entrepreneurs, extraordinary ability in the arts, science, education, business or athletics and finally, humanitarian or political asylum reasons. Except for the humanitarian category, USCIS  officials evaluate employment and investment visa applications on the basis of how the applicant can benefit this country.  The USCIS does not recognize economic hardship as a basis for immigration to the United States.

Immigration is a highly complex area of law, and the visa application process can be overwhelming. If the USCIS denies an application, it could result in serious consequences for a family, a career and financial interests.  Immigration attorneys provide a valuable service to people seeking legal residency by guiding their clients through the bureaucratic process and making it less traumatic for them.

A Diverse Client Base

During his over 30 year career as a sole practitioner of law, Attorney Meimaris has built a strong local, national and international client base in a variety of legal areas. Collaborating with attorneys in Greece, he assists his Greek-American clients who have real estate, inheritance or tax interests involving both countries.

Known for his negotiating skills, Attorney Meimaris works closely with clients who want to buy or sell a business.  He prepares purchase and sale agreements, contracts and leases, establishes corporations and represents clients applying for local and state licenses. He also assists clients with refinancing their homes as well as buying or selling residential and commercial real estate. His probate practice deals with the preparation of wills and the administration of estates. When preparing a will for elderly clients, he often works with them in their homes.

People who try to handle legal matters themselves encounter unexpected obstacles which they do not know how to resolve.  Without a lawyer’s guidance and strategic planning, cases often lack the necessary documentation and proper presentation, resulting in delays and adverse consequences.

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Attorney Meimaris is a graduate of Brandeis University and the Massachusetts School of Law.  He also attended Leningrad State University in the USSR.

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