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Obtaining a green card or U.S. citizenship is often just half the battle for immigrants in the United States. If you want to bring members of your family over with you, a Boston consular processing attorney can help you through the process. With over a decade of experience as an immigration lawyer, Emmanuel Meimaris knows what you are up against and understands what you can do to obtain immigration status for the people you love.

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The consular process starts with your family member living outside the United States. They must go to the United States embassy and make the appropriate filings. With your help, Attorney Meimaris can make sure your loved one is prepared for the interview and can avoid possible fraud issues or common filing mistakes.

For example, you will need specific documents to prove your relationship. This is particularly important for fiancées. You have to show how you know each other and prove the legitimacy of your relationship. Since fraud is so common in fiancé visa cases, the United States pays close attention to the information submitted.

Attorney Emmanuel V. Meimaris will work with you and your family member abroad by both phone and e-mail. He will make sure everyone involved understands what they need to do and make sure it all gets done in a timely manner. Offering counsel in Russian and Greek as well, he can communicate directly with clients in their first language, simplifying the process.


Now that you are living in the United States, it is time to help bring your family here, too. Consular processing can be a challenge, but with the right counsel, we can bring you together with the people you love. Located near Boston, the Law Office of Emmanuel V. Meimaris represents families in Massachusetts and around the globe. Contact him today for a free phone consultation and learn more.